Talking Flowers with stars of the British flower industry

talking flowers with stars of the British Flower Insustry

We talk with leading floral designers and artisan growers of the British flower industry

Welcome to our series of interviews with stars of the British flower industry. Over the next few weeks, we will be speaking to growers, florists and renowned designers setting trends with their innovative floral installations, asking them why they do what they do, how they have adapted to the challenges of 2020, and asking for their top tips for success. And as an extra bonus, we will be making a collection of short films titled 'Flowers I love....' in which they each share their passion for a particular bloom. 

The series begins with flower farmer and artisan florist Justine Scouller of Far Hill Flowers

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Justine Scouller from Far Hills Flowers Flowers from the Farm

In the second interview of the series, we catch up with Robert Hornsby, Creative Director of In Water Flowers 

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In Waters Flowers

The third interview of this series features a conversation with flower farmer and florist Sarah Wilson of Compton Garden Flowers

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Compton Garden Flowers blog

In our fourth conversation of the series, we spoke to  Emma Rees-Oliviere of Bath-based florist Myrtle Mee Flowers about her style, trends and the joys of having a high street shop

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Myrtle Mee Flower Shop