Floriade Expo 2022 ‘Growing Green Cities ’

Floriade Horticultural Expo 2022 Almere, The Netherlands

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Excitement, innovation and inspiration - a unique event held only once every 10 years

Spring 2022 in the Netherlands will see the opening of the seventh International Horticultural Expo Floriade, an unmissable horticultural and garden event that runs over six months, every ten years. The theme for 2022 is ‘Growing Green Cities’, and will feature inspirational exhibitions, innovative concepts and remarkable attractions from contributing countries and businesses, offering a unique view of cities of the future:  greener, healthier, more sustainable - optimising biodiversity to enhance lifestyle.

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Impressive planning, planting and gardening underway for Floriade 2022

The planning for this colossal event has been underway for some years, with the decision made in 2017 to create the Expo in Almere, a new city district outside of Amsterdam.  Award-winning Dutch architect and urban planner Winy Maas is overseeing the development, which will see almost everything constructed for the show remaining and becoming a part of the legacy of this new urban area. Maas imagines Almere as a green extension to Amsterdam, a lasting Cité Idéal within easy reach of the city centre. (Read more about Winy Maas' vision on our blog here )

2022 will be the most urban and green Floriade to date, featuring orchard houses and jasmine flower hotels, a restaurant in a rose garden, a lily pond swimming pool and an extraordinary city arboretum with a walkway of 2,500 trees planted according to their botanical name. Botanical contributions in the planting schemes around the site will come from growers all over the world. This green structure is being created by landscape architect Niek Roozen, who sees the Floriade as a "beautiful opportunity to show all the different ways that nature can be connected to the city." (Read more about his work on our blog here)

The Floriade site will be divided into the Green Island and three other ‘districts’, each with its own theme: Food, Energy and Health. These fascinating districts are interconnected with walkways and offer endless things to see and do, from outside music performances and landscaped gardens to special floral exhibitions. 

Filled with gardens, flowers, art, fashion and food, Floriade is must-visit for everyone! Discover our highlights here

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The International Horticultural Exhibition in the Netherlands, Floriade Expo 2022, in Almere - a green city of the future  

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Why travel with ECT to Floriade 2022?  Flexibility and Reassurance.

Floriade is an ECT favourite and we took visitors to both the 2002 and 2012 editions. For Floriade 2022 we are offering a more flexible approach, as some of you may wish to visit the Expo in different seasons and experience it more than once.

During the six months of the exhibition, we will be running monthly tours, combining time at Floriade with other exciting and interesting visits. For example, Spring offers the flowering gardens of Keukenhof and formal gardens of Het Loo Palace, while in summer we are offering the chance to see the season bloom in private gardens in Flevoland.  

As with all of our tours, our programmes will be meticulously planned, accompanied by a Tour Manager and adhere to new safety guidelines.  Making your own way there gives you the option to choose how you wish to travel - you may like to take the Eurostar, for example. We are happy to assist with booking your flight tickets, but you might like to do this yourself.

Travelling to see Floriade 2022 Expo from outside of the UK 

We welcome anyone who might wish to visit Floriade 2022 Expo from outside the UK. It's easy to join us in Schipol Airport, Amsterdam at the start of the tour

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 Almere Floriade Expo 2022 International Horticultural Expo will launch in April 2022

For six months it will be the greenest day out! Watch the video below to see what you can look forward to seeing and experiencing


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Expo Floirade 2022 How to Visit?

Floriade Expo 2022 | 14 April - 9 October 2022  - Would you like to travel?


International Horticultural Expo Floriade & The Open Garden Days, June 2022

Tour only, £1490.00 per person. With flights, from £1630 per person
The Netherlands

International Horticultural Expo Floriade & Keukenhof Gardens, April 2022

Tour only, £1395.00 per person. With flights, from £1535 per person
The Netherlands

International Horticultural Expo Floriade & The Mauritshuis, May 2022

Tour only, £1425.00 per person. With flights, from £1565 per person
The Netherlands