COVID-19 Our Commitment to Your Wellbeing

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COVID-19 ECT Important Information & Terms

COVID-19 & Your Welfare while on Holiday


ECT Travel’s commitment to your well-being every step of the way, from the moment you consider booking a holiday right through to your tour departure and return

We are really looking forward to arranging your future holiday with us and, while we have to adapt our tours to the new world we inhabit, we have worked hard to ensure our programmes are as comprehensive as ever, with added flexibility whenever and where ever needed.  

We have prepared the following information so that you know what to expect when you book a holiday with us from the moment you first consider a tour, through the booking process, the new requirements you may need to meet before you travel and the new protocols as you travel. We are here to help you - please call our free phone number 0800 298 0588 or email to talk over any concerns you may have.             

Before you book

Understanding what to expect before you travel:

Regulations to keep us safe change regularly with National Governments and local authorities updating national or local rules and guidelines.

The UK Government has compiled a comprehensive website detailing ‘Guidance for British people travelling overseas during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic’, we advise you visit and read through the advice provided:

Please check this website for up to date information on the destination you are considering booking for a holiday. If anything is not clear or you would like to talk over, please give us a ring - we are here to help: 0800 298 0588


Covid19 ECT Travel Looking After You

Personal travel insurance and COVID-19 enhancement

It is a condition of your booking with us that you have adequate travel insurance in place to cover your specific needs. Many travel insurance companies are offering policies with COVID-19 cover.

If you already have travel insurance but this does not have cover for COVID-19, you may like to consider taking out an additional policy which provides COVID-19 cover.

COVID-19 cover varies between insurance companies, here is a link to the section in our terms of business which detail provisions that should be covered.  

Please speak to your travel insurance provider for guidance.

ECT Travel looking after you when travelling

Booking your holiday

All the tours available for booking on our website will have notes about, and provide a link to, the latest travel updates for that destination. If you have a question or concern, please either call us on 0800 298 0588 , or send us an email from the webpage.

At this time, you will be required to wear face masks, carry hand sanitiser and, on some occasions, wear gloves during aspects of your tour. We are all slowly getting used to carrying these protective accessories with us in our day-to-day lives and you will need to pack a supply to take with you on holiday. 

One of the new health and safety measures introduced is Track and Trace. This requires you to provide contact details and personal information to the local government offices of the country/ies you are visiting and the suppliers of your holiday. Where this information is required in advance of your tour, we will send you an email with a direct link to the government office (Public Health Passenger Locator Form) or supplier noting the date by which this information is required to be sent to them.

There is also a requirement to provide contact details and personal information to the UK Government before returning to the UK.

Some countries may require you to provide a pre-arrival negative COVID-19 test certificate. 

You may be required to have a temperature check, answer health questions or take an on arrival COVID-19 test at the airport or other point of arrival. You will be asked to provide contact details at the airport, port, coach meeting point, hotel, restaurant etc. Here is a link to the section in our terms of business which details questions you may be asked.  (Please note, this is not an exhaustive list.)

We will, of course, keep you informed and up to date with local measures and requirements before you travel, and these details will also be included in your tour itinerary. 

During this time please also check our tour webpage, local government information or the UK Government Travel Aware Campaign.  

Before you travel, we will be in touch to ask you to complete a health questionnaire. Please be aware that if you have had symptoms in the past 14 days we may ask you to provide proof of a negative test. Please review list of symptons provided here by the NHS.


Covid Travel Aware Covid 19

While on holiday

During the preparation of your tour we have worked closely with all our suppliers to ensure that they are all complying with local health and safety measures. Our Tour Managers will be monitoring and reporting back to us on a regular basis and we will be working behind the scenes to ensure the safe and smooth running of your holiday. All our Tour Managers have received training in enhanced health and safety, including social distancing and will be wearing face masks, using hand sanitiser / gloves as appropriate (they will also carry a small pack of accessories if required). They are also on hand to assist you should you feel unwell.  

Here is a link to the section in our terms of business which details monitoring arrangements with suppliers

Travelling Safely with ECT Travel


Changes to your travel experiences on holiday

Below is an outline list of the changes to your travel experiences on holiday. These reflect both the measures the supplier requires of you and also details of the work suppliers are undertaking to support your well-being and to provide you with a safe environment. 

These measures are evolving and changing as guidelines change. We will continue to monitor and update to provide you with reassurance about the work we are all undertaking on your behalf to provide a safe and well-planned holiday for you to enjoy.

Departures/Arrivals at Airports:

  • You will be required to wear a face mask in the airport. As a guide each mask lasts up to four hours.
  • If we have not arranged your flights, you should check in online or use the self-service kiosk. You may need to check in baggage at a Bag Drop area.
  • Please observe safe distance markers.
  • Hand sanitisers are regularly positioned.  
  • When boarding self- scan where possible.


  • You will be required to wear a face mask on the plane
  • Most airlines will offer a pack containing an antibacterial wipe and hand sanitiser gel
  • In-flight food options will have been adjusted to reduce physical contact with the airline crew
  • Every key surface will be disinfected after every flight
  • Key surfaces will be sanitised before each flight - ie seat, seat buckle, tray table and screen
  • The air will be regularly replaced passing through HEPA filters. These filters remove microscopic bacteria and virus clusters and are considered equivalent to hospital operating theatre standards.  


  • Your coach will have been sanitised and thoroughly cleaned ready for you to board. This includes daily cleaning of all floors, seats, glass surfaces and disinfecting all hard surfaces, handrails, hand grabs, seat buckles and arm rests.
  • The coach driver will wear a face mask, visor and gloves whilst loading luggage and arranging your seating, but not for driving.
  • There will be a screen fitted between the driver and travellers. This will be in place when the coach stops.
  • You will be required to wear a face mask during your coach journey and maintain one metre distance
  • Seating will be arranged on alternate rows

Tour Managers:

  • Will be familiar with the latest public health guidelines for this destination
  • Will maintain social distancing requirements between themselves and each member of the tour
  • Will avoid shaking hands or any other physical contact with members of the tour
  • Follow hygiene practices, washing or sanitising hands regularly. Will also wear a mask as required.
  • Will monitor supplier adherence to local public health rules and liaise with the office on a regular basis
  • Will assist and support you if you feel unwell


  • You will be required to wear a face mask in public spaces, including the lobby, lifts and corridors
  • All public areas will have been deep cleaned to reflect guidance from local and national health authorities
  • Reception staff will have front desk screens and, where necessary, will be wearing a face mask 
  • Sanitised key-cards will be issued along with touch-less transactions for hotel extras
  • You may be asked for approval for your luggage to be wiped over with a disinfectant wipe where porter service is provided or requested
  • Sanitiser stations will be available in the lobby
  • Bedrooms may have a limited range of toiletries; we will let you know what your hotel is providing.
  • Discreet floor markers will assist with social distancing requirements at breakfast, other mealtimes or where guests gather

Restaurants/Museums and Visits:

  • Ensure social distancing rules are maintained with tables and numbers entering complying with local guidelines
  • Provide hand sanitisers at several locations.
  • All tables/chairs/laminated menus will be cleaned after/before every service
  • Ventilation - open windows/doors 
  • Staff will wear face masks where required to do so
  • You will be required to wear your face mask at museums and other indoor visits
  • Your entry will be different to your exit
  • Social distancing markers as a reminder 
  • Toilets will be kept extra clean with guidance on the numbers who can enter at any one time


Travel with Care ECT Travel Holidays

Our financial commitment to you:

Please be reassured your payments to us are 100% secure and are held in an independent Trust Account. This means, where a refund is due, we will refund in full without question.

If you have chosen a tour and then decide you wish to transfer to an alternate tour or departure date we will transfer your booking without charging our usual administration fee of £50. This will cover all bookings made through to end 31st December 2021.

Booking conditions / COVID-19 - supplementary terms to our booking conditions:

Our standard booking conditions remain unchanged. We have introduced supplementary terms to our booking conditions reflecting the impact COVID-19 has had on our business, on how we can best serve you the customer and support our suppliers and the heightened requirements of our new situation.

We will monitor developments as our industry comes to terms with changes and we will update and reflect any changes we feel need to be made to our Booking Conditions. We will inform you if this takes place. (Please see point 7 of our Booking Conditions.)

Book with Confidence ECT Travel