Pegasushof Garden

Pegasushof Garden

Set beside the Noordoostpolder, the longest and most colourful bulb route in the Netherlands, Pegasushof Garden began, like most gardens on this region, as a farmer’s garden with an adjacent horse meadow. As the 20th century drew to a close, the owners, Jan and Elly Giesen, began to dream of a new garden; a place that would reflect the surrounding tulip fields and give them a sense of peace.

Inspired by the English gardens Elly had visited 30 years before, they worked with garden designers Mariëtte van Hees and Marcel Bellert, to construct terraces, ponds, and hedges of box and yew as a formal framework for a profusion plants and flowers. “There was no planting plan,” they explain. “We collected special and ‘normal’ plants then looked for a place to put them.”

Pegasushof offers treats all year round – Elly's favourite month is June, while high summer and autumn bring beautiful perennials and grasses - but springtime is joyous. Daffodils, fritillaria and tulips burst into life in the colour-themed borders: white tulip 'Triumphator' in the white border, tulip ' Queen of Night' in the purple border and Fritillaria raddeana in the yellow border. Glorious!

Pegasushof Garden flowers plants spring

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