Private Workshops and People's Prizes

Private Workshops & People's Prizes

Eleanor Griffiths is a NAFAS member from Frodsham & District Evening Flower Club in Cheshire, an area judge and teacher of flower arranging. She has had a successful and inspiring summer, as we found out.

Best in Show


ECT: Please describe the design you created for the Floral Art & Design Show

EG: My class title was ‘Let it shine.’ It was a pedestal class, so I used a very glitzy vase that I had and filled it with bold grey foliages, large king proteas, white orchids and branches.

ECT: It won you
the People's Choice Best in Show award. Congratulations! How did it feel to win?

EG: I was completely overwhelmed! It was a once in a lifetime experience, so I was just thrilled and more thrilled. I kept saying to myself, 'did that just happen?'

ECT: Tell us about your Floral Art & Design Show highlights

EG: There was so much to see and do that it’s hard to choose, but I loved watching the designer of the year unfold, the mini demonstrations, the workshops and the European Masters creating their masterpieces.



ECT: Talking of European Masters, earlier this year you travelled with us on our Floral Workshop Adventure. Has  that experience been an inspiration?

EG Yes, it was fantastic to meet and work with designers whom I totally admire and respect. I learned designs and ideas that I will incorporate in my next floral calendar of teaching. I will also be encouraging other people to do flowers for themselves - and to compete!

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