Gardens and Horticulture of The Netherlands

Netherlands ECT Educational

Flora Holland

Auctions are a key part of the floriculture business and with 20 million flowers moving through its halls every day, Flora Holland is the largest in the world. We can offer students the opportunity to visit this famous auction and experience the buzz and excitement of the international flower trade first hand. (We recommend visiting on a Monday morning when the auction is at its bustling best.)

Keukenhof Festival

Keukenhof Garden’s annual festival of seven million spring flowering bulbs is one of the world’s most spectacular floral events. As well as the extraordinary displays of tulips, anemones, daffodils, freesias and hyacinths, the festival also hosts exhibition pavilions showcasing exciting new plant varieties and innovative examples of floral artistry. (Please note, Keukenhof is only open from mid-March to mid-May.)


Established 35 years ago by garden designer Ben von Ooyen, Appeltern is a changing exhibition of almost 200 different model gardens ranging from themed flower and Eastern gardens to balconies and farmscapes. Stretching over 55 acres, this is Europe’s largest park of garden ideas and a truly inspirational place for anyone with an interest in garden design and cultivation. (Please note the Appeltern Gardens are open from 1 March till 26 November, and on weekends only through November.)The stately homes along the Amsterdam canals are home to secret, green oases and, each June, about 30 of these private gardens, along with those of several public institutions, will be open to the public giving horticultural students a unique opportunity to see a range of remarkable classical and contemporary gardens. (Please note, the dates for the Amsterdam Open Garden Days change each year.)

Growers and Nurseries

We have unique access to a wide network of specialist flower growers and can arrange private visits to farms and nurseries including Meijer Roses, growers of the amazing Avalanche Roses; orchid experts Anco Pure Vanda, home of the famous Vanda orchids, Lisianthus Nursery, Montana Lisianthus and tree, shrub and rhododendron specialists Van den Berk Nurseries. With around 500 hectares and a range that encompasses more than 1600 species and cultivars, this is one of the largest nurseries in Europe. These fascinating trips allow students to see the starting point of the flower industry first-hand. The historic botanic garden Hortus Botanicus is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world and the place where the Latin naming system was developed. It also the site where, one autumn day in 1593, the botanist Carolus Clusius planted a handful of blubs he had been given and so introduced the tulip to Netherlands. As well as organising a tour of the gardens and greenhouses, we can also arrange for the garden’s horticultural expert and Head of Greenhouses to talk to students about plant collecting and the history of the museum.