Discover the Rich Textile Heritage of India: Our Bespoke Tours for Textile Enthusiasts


Embark on a journey that unravels the vibrant tapestry of India's textile traditions. Delve into the world of quilts, sewing, and historical crafts as you explore the captivating beauty of this ancient land. Our bespoke tours are designed exclusively for craft enthusiasts, providing an immersive experience into India's rich textile heritage.


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Join us as we unveil the secrets of exquisite fabrics, intricate stitching, and centuries-old traditions that have shaped India's vibrant textile landscape.

Immerse Yourself in Ancient and Timeless Crafts 

Step into the enchanting world of Indian textiles and enjoy the skilful artistry of craftsmen. Visit bustling markets where colourful bolts of fabric in every shade and pattern beckon. Marvel at the delicate embroidery techniques passed down through generations. Engage with master artisans who will unveil the secrets of block printing, tie-dyeing, and intricate quilting. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic motions of looms, where threads come together to create breathtaking masterpieces.


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Uncover the rich history of India's textile tradition in historical centers where craft skills have been nurtured for centuries. Wander through the narrow lanes of Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and the villages of Bhuj in Gujrat where ancient techniques have stood the test of time. Learn about the exquisite handloom fabrics of Kerala, a state well known for the quality and variety of the Balaramapuram Sarees and those with kasavu (gold zari) borders. Explore magnificent palaces that have housed royal ateliers, see the opulence of handwoven fabrics and regal garments. The tales of bygone eras and the legacy of master craftsmen will transport you to a world of beauty and elegance.

Experience Hands-On Workshops 

Immerse yourself in hands-on workshops led by skilled artisans. Learn the art of block printing, where intricate designs are carved onto wooden blocks and transferred onto fabric. Discover the art of kantha embroidery, where delicate stitches bring stories to life. Participate in traditional quilting sessions, where patterns and motifs are meticulously hand-stitched. These workshops offer a unique opportunity to connect with the craft, gain insights from experts, and create your own textile memento.


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Unlock the ‘Tapestry’ of Indian Textiles: Arrange Your Bespoke Tour Today! 

Unleash your passion for textiles and embark on a bespoke journey to India, where the threads of tradition weave together an extraordinary tapestry of craft and culture. Experience the magic of quilts, sewing, and historical crafts as you immerse yourself in India's textile heritage. From workshops with master artisans to exploring historical centres of craft, every moment will be an exploration of beauty and creativity. Book your bespoke tour today and let the colours and textures of India's textiles enchant your soul.

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India: Where Textile Traditions Unfold and Creativity Flourishes

Our bespoke tours are available for individuals as well as small groups (pax 2+)

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