Quilt Festival Noord Groningen

Tour Dates
 Thursday 8th June – Sunday 11th June 2023

An Escorted Tour to the wonderful Quilt Festival Noord Groningen.
The Netherlands

See world-class traditional, art, and experimental quilts and discover the vibrant city of Groningen and the UNESCO world heritage site of Waddenzee.

This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a very special quilt festival where quilts by world-class artists and makers are exhibited in a number of fascinating local venues, from old windmills and medieval churches, to quintessentially Dutch village halls. 

Tour dates for 2023  Thursday 8th June – Sunday 11th June 

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Hilde Van Schaardenburg Quilt Groningen Quilt Festival

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There are so many things to love about this tour! The Quilt Festival itself attracts such a variety of artists and there are so many different quilts to see, from traditional to art and experimental quilts. And then there’s the location. North Groningen borders the Waddenzee, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is an area of wide open, flat landscapes with the horizon broken by villages clustered around medieval churches that are worth a visit in themselves. And Groningen is an incredibly vibrant, cultured city


Textile artist Hilde van Schaardenburg 

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Groningen City, Groningen Quilt Festival

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Urk Port, Groningen Quilt Festival

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Bookwrap Herma de Ruiter . Groningen Quilt Festival

Create a stipwerk book wrap with Herma de Ruiter

Bookwrap Herma de Ruiter . Groningen Quilt Festival

Exhibiting artist Hilde van Schaardenburg

A Deeper Dive

The eponymous capital of this northern region is filled with historic monuments, lively cafes and great shopping opportunities.

Designed by the Italian architect Alessandro Mendini, the Groninger Museum is a treat inside and out. Modern and contemporary art sits alongside a world-renowned collection of Chinese and Japanese porcelain.

Groningen station Groningen Quilt Festival 2021

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